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2.beyazıt 's life
Father: Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror
Mother: Sitti Hatun Mükrime
Born: December 3, 1447
Died: May 26, 1512
Sultanate Range: 1481-1512
Previous: Mehmed the Conqueror
Next: Yavuz Sultan Selim

He was born Dec. 3 1448'de Dimetoka. The tall, broad chested and had a powerful physique. Elaydı round face and eyes. The Bold and the atılgandı. In addition to his religion and a sultandı dovelike. He took lessons from the era's most famous scholars, learned a good level of Islamic sciences.

Selim was appointed governor of Amasya. After Sultan, met with opposition from his brother Cem. Bursa and on behalf of the sermon okutturan Cem, Yenişehir Beyazıd Mamelukes fled defeated. Internal matter of the Ottoman Empire at a time when the east and west, because of this incident, which has become one of the most important issues of Beyazid, any time you could not keep the outside. However, on the death of Cem's expedition began operations.

Clay and the Beyazid Voyvodası'ndan Boğdon Akkerman'ı, where Cem have attacked the Mamelukes. Balance deteriorated as a result of long-lasting conflicts.

40 thousand raiders under the command of Mr. Bali, the largest flock in the history of the Ottoman expedition launched against Lehistan'a. The Morea expedition, the Sultan, choir, and Modo zapetti strongholds.

After dealing with the Safavid intrigues 1502'den Beyazid, 1512, the sons of Sultan Selim, who left the throne rakabetini throne. Place of birth 26 August 1512 on the way to the Dimetoka'ya died.

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