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Despite the fact that each educational institution has its own set of rules for writing WRC, there are some general rules. They are described in methodology. Such rules are the criteria buy term papers that are presented by the selection committee for each educational institution.
If we describe these rules in general terms, then the following should be noted:
  • Each WRC should consist of a title page, introduction, main body, conclusion, supplement and content.
  • All these parts must be drawn up in strict accordance with the current methodological recommendations.
  • The work must pass pre-defense.
  • For each work, a review of the supervisor must be left.
  • The work must be signed and handed over in accordance with the established deadlines.
  • The defense is held on the set date.
  • In case of failure to appear for defense without a good reason, the work is considered not counted.
Although such rules may seem strict for some, all students without exception are guided by them.
All sheets of work must be numbered with Arabic numerals. The number is placed in the right corner of the page.
There are several types of WRC. This is a bachelor's, master's and graduation project for students in the specialty. Many students write graduation papers by analogy with term papers, which is completely wrong. There are a number of significant differences between graduation projects and term papers. For example, a graduation project is larger in volume than a term paper. Also, the WRC should contain the author's own research and reasoning. Coursework is written in accordance with those works that have already been written and proven by someone. The author simply expresses his point of view on this issue. But this does not exclude the possibility that the thesis project may use some parts of the term paper.
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